Concordiste works with clients from the ground up. Everything starts with a white page and sketching out a potential challenge. We speak with our clients and find out what goals they have in mind and which resources are at hand. 

A strategy using the resources at hand
Concordiste works in accordance with the client’s resources: time, staff and money. We check back with our network of experts and offer two or three ways of reaching the goal envisaged. A proposal for tackling the challenge at hand is put together and presented to the client. The client can decide on one of the options. We draw up the project path to achieve the goal. We advise on how to plan the team, so that the client can lean back, with the project up-and-running and on the way towards successful delivery. We need your acceptance of the proposal and timing.

We collect data, challenge and test it with our network of experts until the solution is in place. Or we head out and execute the project on the ground. This stage is about delivery of tangible results and ticking off agreed to-dos.

Finalization – unlocking potential
At the mid-term review we present our results and the path taken to the client. This is the moment to unlock hidden potential and take a view as to what additional twists are feasible within the budget. 

At take-off, we present the final results and hand them over to the client’s team. The project flies.



Core values drive Concordiste consulting business. They are immutable guiding principles of the firm and generate value for clients:

Feasibility is crucial.

We recognize that feasible business models are essential. We stand up for solutions that survive discussions and do not fall over in imperfect market conditions.


Show, don’t tell. We have the guts to find and indicate ideas and data that were not applicable to given business previously. 

Respect the differences, see beyond boundaries.

Every day we show respect for different cultural backgrounds and ideas. They inspire our multi-cultural teams to find solutions beyond boundaries.



Anti Coruption Training
Marketing lead for a residential energy efficiency credit line in Russia

Promoted EBRD’s Russia Residential Sustainable Energy Financing Programme, among other tools used a cartoon to foster collective action for home renovation.

Data Protection:

Concordiste Strategic Consulting e.U. respects all applicable data protection laws and regulations when gathering, using or processing personal data. If any of our online offerings include the option of entering personal data such as e-mail address, name or postal address, entering this information is voluntary. Any personal data you choose to share will be used only by Concordiste Strategic Consulting e.U. to respond to your query, process your order or provide you with access to certain information.

Upon written request we will inform you of your personal data we have stored. You have the right to have these data corrected, deleted or blocked at any time.