Concordiste supports the IFC Global Advisory Secretariat in its efforts to strengthen IFC’s project outcomes

Honorata Fijalka
April 2020

Concordiste is particularly happy to support IFC’s Global Advisory Secretariat with the project completion review and support. IFC Management continues its efforts to strengthen Advisory project outcomes, including through improvement in work quality.  In parallel, IFC is renewing complementary efforts to improve the quality of self-evaluations and validation discussions with Internal Evaluation Group (IEG). It is for the latter effort that IFC relies on qualified experts like Honorata Fijalka to provide a boost in expert support available to IFC operations also during the COVID-19 times, where work needs to be accomplished while we stay in home office.  

The projects reviewed in April 2020 included an alternate dispute resolution and a microfinance advisory including project completion report support in South Eastern Asia. 



Photo by Derek Tang on Unsplash

February 2020
Mid-Term Evaluation of the Hosting and Managing the Private Financing Advisory Network Programme (PFAN)
Honorata Fijalka
Concordiste and Energy Changes were entrusted with the mid-term review of PFAN activities implemented under the new hosting arrangement by UNIDO in cooperation with REEEP from July 2016 to December 2018
September 2019
Pope Francis calls the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to care for ecology and climate change
Honorata Fijalka
Concordiste was part of a workshop at the Vatikan’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, which aimed at collecting lessons from successful sustainable energy and climate change mitigating programmes
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