Evaluation: IFC Balkan Renewable Energy Program

Honorata Fijalka
February 2017

The BREP and its sister programs in the region enabled investments of USD 1.1 billion in the wind, biomass and small-hydro power projects in the Western Balkan region. Between 2011 and 2016 the Program’s team improved the regulatory environment and worked with developers to improve the design of renewable energy projects. These activities and resulting reforms and improvements enabled investments, which helped to install 450 MW of renewable energy capacity in the region. The evaluation included the following IFC evaluation dimensions:

  • Development Results & Effectiveness
  • Strategic Relevance
  • Output Achievement
  • Outcome Achievement
  • Impact Achievement
  • Efficiency
  • IFC's Role and Contribution

The evaluation confirmed that IFC played a key role in increasing the scope of unsubsidized investments into the countries’ energy assets and the private sector. The conclusions of the evaluation made it clear that the newly introduced regulatory reforms were crucial to unlocking investment and recommended scaling up its learning across IFC.

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