Green Drinks Vienna hosts CEO Christoph Hantschk.

Honorata Fijalka & Anya Krotova
January 2015
Choose to ride your bicycle instead of driving to work and collect 8 points. Spend an hour being the buddy for someone who wants to learn your native language and get 20 bgood points booked to your account. With 30 points, start to exchange your bgood points for deli food, fitness center time, organic spices etc. Christoph Hantschk invented bgood and runs it with five other e-commerce, marketing and finance professionals. At the January 2015 edition of Green Drinks Vienna he spoke about his business' good start in Vienna. 
It was not until Christoph travelled to Australia a couple of years ago and saw a different environment that back in Austria he decided to start bgood - a platform that allows to register and exchange your environmentally and socially-friendly activities (recycling, volunteering, helping out at the Red Cross, avoiding using plastic bags) for points and trade these points later for products in partner shops (Sonnentor, for example). Christoph's team consists of five people and for some of them working at bgood is a 'second job', but the one they do because they feel very much attracted to the idea. Although bgood is a very young start-up, they already plan to expand to Australia. Austria’s energy industry might look at the platform for energy savings' trading much needed to comply with the Energy Efficiency Law (Energieeffizienzgesetz 2014).
Green Drinks is a worldwide informal, self-organizing network that was founded to bring professionals and enthusiasts together to share environmental news, inspiration and business ideas in an informal ‘after-work’ setting. The network was founded in 1989 in New York and since then has spread worldwide, now present in 450 cities in 72 countries. 
Anna Krotova and Honorata Fijalka launched Green Drinks Vienna in November 2014. Everyone is welcome to join. Next Green Drinks take place in March 2015. For more info follow the link.
Image: courtesy Ksenia Poplavskaya
October 2014
Bail out a bank or build the city of the future? Ways to spend 19 billion Euros in Vienna.
Honorata Fijalka
’One of the fundamental and effective tools of the human imagination is the proportionality’, says Lukas Zeilbauer, student and initiator of the Hypotopia project.
July 2014
Property is a relationship, not a thing. Solving the Tragedy of the Commons in the residential sector.
Ksenia Poplavskaya
As in case of any common-pool resources, individual homeowners tend to be guided by personal priorities rather than group interests. But is there a way to achieve common rationality?
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