Our core competence lies in implementing project components for international financial institutions. Conducting surveys, providing business intelligence and training for Central and Eastern European markets is our second area of focus. We also provide cash flow valuations of energy related projects.

The formal education of the Concordiste team is multi-faceted. A degree in finance with post-graduate education in diplomacy is there as well as a degree in languages. The diversity of our business is built upon 14 years of on-the-job experience in conducting surveys and trainings, evaluating the financial viability of projects, scriptwriting, drafting speeches and branded storytelling in marketing.

As former employees of consulting firms and international financial institutions, we are comfortable working under time pressure and deliver high quality results within agreed deadlines. Our industry expertise is complemented with fluency in six languages.

Surveys, reports, and all other deliverables we produce are reviewed by senior team members and native speakers and always follow the editorial principle of proofreading by a 'second pair of eyes'.

The Concordiste network is our amplifier. Experts in our network are consulted in real time. More extensive in-depth analysis or hands-on implementation can be organized within five working days. Read more about our network of experts.

Eastern Winds
Rethinking operations manuals of international financial institutions

Reviewed and rated the usability of financial operations manuals of a number of international financial institutions.

Data Protection:

Concordiste Strategic Consulting e.U. respects all applicable data protection laws and regulations when gathering, using or processing personal data. If any of our online offerings include the option of entering personal data such as e-mail address, name or postal address, entering this information is voluntary. Any personal data you choose to share will be used only by Concordiste Strategic Consulting e.U. to respond to your query, process your order or provide you with access to certain information.

Upon written request we will inform you of your personal data we have stored. You have the right to have these data corrected, deleted or blocked at any time.