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The references we selected give you a quick idea of projects we implemented in-house or in co-operation with partners. Concordiste enjoys working with partners who complement our profile. Being flexible and agile, we extend and accept invitations to joint work in project consortia. Upon further contact we will provide an extended list and data. Feel free to contact us.

Energy efficiency loans for middle and low income households
in co-operation with Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC)
Marketing strategy developed for a local currency denomonated energy efficiency loan 'Jerm Ojakh', available to mid and low income households in Armenian market. ‘Jerm Ojakh’ is a credit line developed by the Agence Française de Developpement (AFD) and implemented under the auspices of National Mortgage Company through Armenian partner financial institutions. 
Accomplished tasks:
- Defined the key pillars of the sales strategy (target group, goals, expected results) based on NMC targets and budget available
- In cooperation with Fainberg, the Yerevan based branding agency, delivered branding and corporate identity for the programme
- Provided quality checks to the launch event organised in Yerevan including last minute quality touble shooting for printed mterials
- Implementation support to local experts.
Marketing lead for a residential energy efficiency credit line
in co-operation with Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC)

Leading marketing expert in the consortium implementing EBRD’s Russian Residential Energy Financing Facility. Guided the design of the Programme’s brand (Теплая Жизнь) and its positioning in the market.

Accomplished tasks:

- Implemented generic marketing tasks (project website, marketing strategy).

- Organised the launch event in Moscow, Rostov on Don and participated in stakeholder workshops, regional seminars or other promotional events with partner banks of the Programme.

- Advisory proposal and pitch presentations to potential partner banks.

- Implementation support to local experts.


Small hydro power finance for Armenia

Drafted the programme document as well as its monitoring and evaluation framework, giving the path to approval and launch of the IFC sustainable energy financing facility in Armenia.

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