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The references we selected give you a quick idea of projects we implemented in-house or in co-operation with partners. Concordiste enjoys working with partners who complement our profile. Being flexible and agile, we extend and accept invitations to joint work in project consortia. Upon further contact we will provide an extended list and data. Feel free to contact us.

Corporate trainings in energy efficiency deal generation
Armenia, Kenya, Russia and Ukraine
as operations officer with IFC

As part of IFC’s Sustainable Energy Team, trained bank management and loan officers in energy efficiency deal generation. Provided introduction into the use of the Sustainable Energy (SE) Calculator.

The SE Calculator is a web-based tool created by IFC and used as a marketing tool in EE banking.

IFC’s Advisory Services were entrusted with developing the capacity of the local financial institutions in on-lending for industrial energy efficiency projects.

Development and monitoring of Access to Finance programmes
Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus
as operations officer with IFC

For Armenia and Ukraine: designed the Sustainable Energy Finance Programmes, identified potential partner financial institutions and brokered internal IFC approvals.

Within Europe and Central Asia region, IFC Advisory Services developed several Access to Finance programmes, building capacity among local financial institutions’ staff.

For several IFC Access to Finance programmes, monitored progress and deliverables against their objectives. The monitored programmes included: Azerbaijan - Central Asia Leasing Facility, Russia Sustainable Energy Finance Programme, Russia Banking Advisory Programme and Ukraine Agri-Insurance Programme. 


Small hydro power finance for Armenia

Drafted the programme document as well as its monitoring and evaluation framework, giving the path to approval and launch of the IFC sustainable energy financing facility in Armenia.

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