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Strategic International Consulting

We handle your Green Finance documentation.
We build the bridge to International Investors.


Aproach & Values

Feasibility is crucial

We recognize that feasible business models are essential. We stand up for solutions that survive discussions and do not fall over in imperfect market conditions.

Core values drive Concordiste consulting business. They are immutable guiding principles of the firm and generate value for clients:


Show, don’t tell. We have the guts to find and indicate ideas and data that were not applicable to given business previously. 

Respect the differences, see beyond boundaries

Every day we show respect for different cultural backgrounds and ideas. They inspire our multi-cultural teams to find solutions beyond boundaries.

What's new?

Green Bonds

The issuance of green bonds has grown from USD 600 million in 2007 to USD 1 trillion in 2022, as investors have become increasingly interested in financing projects that have a positive impact on the environment.

EU Taxonomy

Since 2020, the EU Regulation on the Establishment of a Framework to Facilitate Sustainable Investment enacts a “green finance” reporting obligation for all big corporates within the EU.  

Second Party Opinion

The SPO, also known as the Second-Party Opinion, is the independent assessment of the accuracy of bonds or loans of strategic importance to investors. SPO enables access to various resources and investors, particularly in the green finance field.

Euro Bill
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