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Digital monitoring tools for forest cover change

Community based monitoring of afforestation, agricultural production and prevention of logging activity in forests is expensive and incomplete without online monitoring. An online solution supported by satellite, radar or geometric pre-processing of the monitored forest and agriculture surfaces is a key need for numerous afforestation projects. The Concordiste team together with partners at Fulcrum use the summer to research best available data set solutions available in the market and within academia.

The challenge with the currently available open-source forest monitoring tools, among these Open Foris (by FAO) is that they do not have access to real time data over selected time spans and selected landscapes.

Recent developments in satellite data availability allow tropical forest monitoring to expand in two ways:

  1. Dense time series foster the development of new methods for mapping and monitoring dry tropical forests and

  2. The combination of optical data and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data reduces the problems resulting from frequent cloud cover and yields additional information.

July and August 2020 is for us the summer of inspiration(s) and investments in new climate change and emission reducing tools and projects. If you have ideas to share, write us at


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